Landscaping Architectural Project Manager

The landscape design is complete. The plans and construction details have been drafted. The next step is to hire a qualified and competent landscaping contractor, or team of contractors from various trades to install the project. Whether you are in Jacksonville or Jacksonville Beach, FL this is the phase that can be the most difficult part for a homeowner. Who is a good contractor? What licenses are required? Is this going to stay within budget? This role is best fulfilled by a Landscape Project Manager.
At In the Garden Landscaping & Design of Jacksonville Beach, FL we offer Project Management Services that can assist the client in, bid administration and solicitation, contractor selection, project scheduling, and oversight of construction activities. As landscape architects, we are experienced in all stages of landscape and site construction projects. With the “big picture” in mind, we bring our industry knowledge and experience to the table while with working with contractors in all types of trades. As a project manager, I represent you-the client-during each and every phase of construction.

Having a project manager on your side during even the smallest construction project will not only assure that the project is implemented as it was designed, but it will make the operation more efficient and save you money.